Filter format

The filter format is partially inspired by https://www.parse.com/docs/rest#queries


Key Operation
$lt Less Than
$lte Less Than Or Equal To
$gt Greater Than
$gte Greater Than Or Equal To
$ne Not Equal To
$in Contained In
$nin Not Contained in
$or Or
$and And

Filter attribute

Exact match:

{'attrname': value}

Other comparisons:

{'attrname': {'$op': value, '$op2': othervalue}}

Use and/or:

{'$or': {'attrname': value, 'attr2name': value}}
{'$or': [
    {'attrname': value},
    {'attrname': {
        '$in': [1, 2, 3]}}]}

Filter relations

If comparing by eid, same as attribute

Exact match:

{'relname': eid}


{"relname": {"$op": eid}}

Filter on relation target attributes/relations:

{"relname": <entity filter>}

{"relname": {"attrname": value}}

{"relname": {"$or": {"attrname": value, "attr2name": ovalue}}}